Our Product Range

To suit the various requirements of making hinges, barrel bolt, door stopper, glass handles and AL-drop, we use top quality manufacturing tools to give unique and long-lasting finishing and strength. We also deliver customized products on bulk orders.

What we can customize for you:

1. Finish
2. Size+ Dimensions
3. Radius
4. Products category
5. Sample Needed
6. Minimum order quantity applicable.

We provide PVD Coating finished products in different polishes. PVD Coating increases life of your tools by 8 to 10 times. It helps to increase the durability of the product.

Benefits Of PVD Coating:

⦁ PVD Coating is safer than other methods.
⦁ PVD Coating can be used on almost any type of inorganic material.
⦁ PVD Coating is one of the most effective methods of improving a surface’s strength and durability.
⦁ Corrosion and Oxidation resistant
⦁ Economical