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3 pcs. 3 in x 3 in Stainless Steel Square Door Hinges Security pin Lock Mirror Glossy Finish

#1 100% stainless steel door hinge 3 pieces with 18 pieces stainless steel self drilling screws (for longer durability) easy to install through hard obstacles. #2 Fine grade steel. #3 Corrosion resistance. #4 Moisture free. #5 Standard gauge- 2.5mm. #6 Appropriate quotation. #7 Five knuckles for extra smoothness & strength. #8 Designed on euro quality standards. #9 Fire tested under special conditions. #10 Specially designed & packed for quality preferred. #11 Full mortice hinge. #12 Suitable for both sides out-swing & in-swing Movement of door. #13 Flat heads so you can lubricate without pin removal low maintenance #14 Corrosion tested under standard measures. #15 Applicable on both doors interior & exterior. #16 Security hinges non removable pin sealed with set screw in pin, secure from outside as well as inside, no one can remove pin even door opened also without removal of security set screw loosening, In other security bolt hinges pin is removed from both side (This creates unnecessary hassle to buyers when to find exact size of pin & door you can’t hang without inserting pin again). #17 Pin dia 11mm. #18 Stainless steel material is much stronger & durable in all metals (Steel, Brass, Aluminium or Zinc). Now days maintenance & services costs too high to bear, So everyone demands durable material products with low maintenance & maximum utility in their high end premises. #19 All self diy hardware included for installation. #20 Storm door, Barn door, Patio door, Commercial door, Institutional door, Garage door, French door, Exterior door, Shed door, Residential door, Metal door, Insulated door, Doors near to sea beaches Etc. Some examples where you can best use. #21 Generally known As Residential hinges, Commercial hinges, Butt hinges, Security hinges etc. #22 No Coating no Electro-Plating (Environment-Friendly). #23 Only clean with simple cotton cloth, rubbing increases finish life. #24 Don’t use chemicals to clean.

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  • PRODUCT DETAIL- 3 pieces stainless steel door hinges 3 inch square x 3 inch square 18 pieces Stainless steel self drilling screw Phillips drive counter sunk head to flush properly 1 L key for security lock set screw 1 Tool for pin removable.
  • EXTREMELY COST EFFECTIVE- Priced at nearly half off the name brands while not sacrificing on quality standards.
  • UTILITY- These hinges are perfect for out-Swing or in-Swing doors where security is an issue. Easy to install with self drilling screws, New reversible technology, easy to lubricate, Load capacity Upto 75kg (3 hinge recommend)
  • ARCHITECTURAL QUALITY- Each hinge is Machined for precise installation and smooth movement.
  • FINISH- Mirror finish hinges to make your look superior, As it’s a high glossy product it’s Dust & Moisture free, This enhance life of product as compared with satin finish.

  • Door
  • Window
  • Cabinet


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