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Our Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing is the most important process which adds value to our products. This decides the quality, life and durability of a product. These are the 8 processes that give our products their value:


Ordering For Raw Material

We order raw materials from 100+ years old companies to ensure best quality in products. If the base is good, the end product will be excellent.


Testing Raw material

After we receive the raw material , It becomes important for us to test the same and we have experts in-house. We have our standards set up and high end testing machines.



We start cutting the products as per the specifications. During the process , we shape and bend the items with accuracy.



Drilling is the process where a circular hole is created in the metal piece with the help of a drill bit. A drill bit is a rotatory tool for cutting round holes.It covers Hole Punching , quoting screws and setting the final drilling.



We give utmost care to the finish of the product. We make sure there are no scratches or marks on the final product. The product looks clean and perfect through all



Once the product is finished , it is our responsibility to clean the same properly . We make sure that we keep dust free product in the bags.


Packing and Final Check

We make sure that we use highest quality cartons and boxes for packing the items and we also take care that it is easy to carry and easy to move the products.



We stock the running products in the market so that the delivery is done in time once ordered from us.

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