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Our Innovation focus On

Creativity along with Innovation is beautiful. Putting this into mechanics, we are able to design elegant looking tools and machines


After cutting and drilling processes, the products now needs a good finishing for good appearance and protection against corrosion. All product are cleaned up and polished to get a mirror finish. And then other metals that prevents corrosion.


We provide Hardware security which involves cryptographic engineering and hardware design, access control, secure multi-party computation, secure key storage, ensuring code authenticity that ensure the product built is secure among other things.


We offer exceptional design features and high quality products include barrel bolts, hinges, AL-drop, Glass handles and door stoppers, offer the guarantee of nonparallel reliability and extended service life. Our Products are high wear and tear resistant and flexible.

We Do What We Know

Our team consists of the most talented and expert professionals who are always eager to make brilliant products. We love mixing technology, innovation and skills which helps us to stand out of the competition and be the best in the industry. Our experience played a big role in our success. As it gives us the problem-solving abilities and implementing abilities, the work we do becomes incomparable. And hence, we have been able to keep our customers happy since years.

We believe in Quality

Quality matters, everything that offers good value for money must offer the best quality and a reasonable price. Again, for maintaining the best quality, the best material is needed. SSISKCON uses the strongest quality steel to make its products extremely durable with superb quality. We have ranked and gained popularity in the market only because we have succeeded in satisfying our customers through our products.


SSISKCON is the first Indian hardware manufacturing company registered in USA. We manufacture high- quality and most durable products. Our love to keep customers happy has been the catalyst for the fast growth of our company.SSISKCON is recognized as the best hardware manufacturer on Amazon also exporting our products since 2017.
We create customized products as per customer requirements.

SSISKCON is the first to innovate and bring Concealed Bearing Hinges in Indian Market after U.S.
Benefits Of Concealed Bearing Hinges

⦁ Lubrication is not required like oil, grease & no further maintenance is required
⦁ Non-ferrous,prevent rust and corrosion of material.
⦁ Increasing durability
⦁ Heavy weight gauges increase available bearing surface area for maximum friction reduction
⦁ Wear & tear resistant


Our Products Range

We have all types of hinges, barrel bolts, handles, etc. in several ranges like
squared, lift offs,combined hinges and many more.

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